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Virginia Electronics was formed by company president Tim Cundiff and treasurer Suzanne Cundiff when Circuit City™ withdrew from the service area in early 2004. Tim served as a technician for Circuit City™ from 1984 until 1992. In late 1992, Tim was offered a position to train technicians in the North and South Carolina market. This provided him a corporate level position by 1999. He trained technicians sent to Richmond for initial training.

In 2003, Circuit City™ began closing service centers across the United States, and Tim moved into the HR Department to train sales associates and technicians via online training and testing. When the time came for him to leave Circuit City™, Tim opened Virginia Electronics in early 2004.

We began our business on the strength of television repair, lighting control installation, and home automation products. In late 2004, we added Samsung™ and GE™ warranties with new extended warranty work to our service areas. From our humble beginnings, we now offer a first-time, fixed ratio of 80% or better, stock more than $200,000 worth of parts, and have more than 30 years of professional experience.

We currently service the majority of Virginia, including parts of Nags Head, and Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Our company currently has 24 employees, including 13 technicians, and all have had drug screenings and background checks, and been certified in their respective fields of repair.

Contact Virginia Electronics for reliable and complete electronics repair on everything from TVs to major home appliance